Brynisha Faust, native of New Orleans, LA, is the owner of The B. Faust Collection. She is a creative entity with an immense passion for projecting visions through fashion. Housed under her company are Haus of Faust; custom pieces and BROAK; brims of achievement, hand painted graduation caps identified by a signature gold brim.

Faust is a born creative and has always been in search of a creative outlet. She had been watching her grandmother sew since as early as she can remember and finally in high school she started B Xclusiv, a fashion brand sewing and spreading the message, Be Yourself.

Brynisha is a proud graduate of Southeastern in Hammond, LA , she holds a BA in digital arts with a concentration in graphic design. In college is where she discovered her love for screenprinting and sculpting and there birthed the idea to own a “bougie t-shirt shop.” She interned during school at a t-shirt company, learning all there was to know about the process of t-shirt production.

In 2016, Brynisha used money she had saved during her time as an art teacher, quit her job and pursued her passion. She brought her first apartment and for the first time she felt free. She felt that she could now create without limitations. There was no furniture in the apartment besides her bed and with the exception of the closet turned office, the entire space was used to create.

Brynisha prides herself in creating high-quality, customizable statement pieces and pours her heart into every design. She is committed to putting value to people’s visions and turn ordinary into extraordinary. She says, "People associate glitter with cheap, anybody can use glitter. I wanted to change people’s perspective and exceed their expectations. Crushed Rocks, to me, are crystals and diamonds that underwent a grinding process. I utilize precious materials and jewels to name things. For example, the metallics at HOF are referred to as Bullion.”

Brynisha believes that 3 things equal success; passion, purpose and personality which all shine through her business. The owner says, “I feel like I can jump from the building and fly, I’ve never lost the childlike imagination. I want to be able to show other people that you can do whatever you really want to do.” She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc and currently resides in Dallas, TX.